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you wish! Rules

2-6 players
Ages 6+

The Cards: The YOU WISH! deck consists of 48 Magical Creature cards, 6 Action cards, and 1 Rule card.

Objective: You win the game by being the first player to collect 4 different sets of Magical Creatures cards.

Dealing: First, choose a dealer. Shuffle and deal each player five cards. The remaining cards are placed in a stack face-down in the center of the table as the draw pile.

Play: The player to the left of the dealer starts.

During a player’s turn, they become the Seeker. The Seeker will:

  1. Ask other players for matching Magical Creature cards until they are told “YOU WISH!”

  2. Play an Action card if they choose.

  3. Draw a card from the draw pile to complete the Seeker’s turn.*


Step 1. Ask: The Seeker looks directly at any other player, addresses them by name, and asks for any Magical Creature card the Seeker has in their hand, i.e. “Merlin, do you have any Wizards?”

If the player has one or more of that Magical Creature card, they must give them all to the Seeker. The Seeker then continues to ask any player for any Magical Creature cards that the Seeker has in their hand.

When a Seeker collects and completes a set of 4 matching Magical Creature cards, this completes a set, and these cards are placed face-up on the table in front of them.

If a player does not have the Magical Creature card requested by the Seeker, they respond by saying, “YOU WISH!”

When the Seeker is told “YOU WISH!” they then have the option to play an Action card from their hand OR draw a card from the draw pile, which completes their turn.*

Step 2. Play an Action card:  Upon hearing “YOU WISH!” the Seeker may choose to play a single Action card from their hand. Only one Action card can be played per turn. This is done by placing the Action card face-up on the table next to the draw pile (creating a discard pile) and following the action written on the card. There are three different types of Action cards:

ASK AGAIN! - Playing this card allows the Seeker to ask any player for any Magical Creature card that the Seeker has in their hand. The Seeker continues asking until they are told “YOU WISH!” They cannot play another Action card during this turn.


SWITCH! -  Playing this card changes the direction of play. Play switches direction and continues after the Seeker completes their turn.


SKIP! -  Playing this card skips the next player. Upon the completion of the Seeker’s turn, the following player loses their turn.


Step 3. Draw a card: After hearing “YOU WISH!” or after playing an Action card, the Seeker completes their turn by drawing a card from the draw pile.*

Ending the game: The first player to collect 4 sets of Magical Creatures wins! If no player collects 4 sets of Magical Creatures before all sets are completed, the player with the most sets wins.

*If the Seeker happens to draw the specific Magical Creature card they had last asked for, they show everyone the card and the Seeker gets an additional turn starting at Step 1 of Play.



Q: What happens when there are no more cards in the draw pile?

A: Play continues as normal, except players do not draw a card after they are told “YOU WISH!”


Q: What happens if a player has no cards or only Action cards in their hand?

A: When a player doesn’t have any Magical Creature cards in their hand, when it becomes their turn, they should draw 1 card at a time until they draw a Magical Creature. Then they take their turn as normal.


Q: When playing Action cards, are the Action cards put down next to the draw pile?

A: Yes. After the first Action card is played face-up, it creates a discard pile next to the draw pile. All further Action cards played are placed on top of the discard pile.


 Q: Can we play a two-player game?

A: Yes. Simply remove the SKIP! and SWITCH! Action cards from the deck.


Q: Are there other variations of play?

A: Of course! We at YOU WISH! encourage players to get creative and develop your own house rules. That’s how games like YOU WISH! were created. We suggest alternative rules like making sets of two instead of four OR playing with fewer sets for shorter game play. Send us your suggestions at!


you wish! GO FISH

2-6 players
Ages 4+

YOU WISH! Go Fish is played like a game of YOU WISH! without the Action cards. In YOU WISH! Go Fish, only the 48 Magical Creature cards are used. Play is the same, except the Seeker only does Steps 1. & 3. No Action cards are used. Direction of play is always to the left. The objective is to be the first player to collect 4 sets of magical creatures.

you wish! mEMORY

1-4 players

Ages 4+

YOU WISH! Memory is a pair finding game. In YOU WISH! Memory, only two of each Magical Creature card is used. These 24 cards are shuffled and placed face-down on a table in a grid of 6 x 4 cards. One player begins by turning over two cards for everyone to see, keeping them in their place on the grid. 

IF THE TWO CARDS MATCH: If the two cards are a matching pair of Magical Creature cards, they are removed from the grid and the player receives a pair and the player gets to go again.

IF THE TWO CARDS DO NOT MATCH: If the two cards are NOT a matching pair, they are turned back face-down in their place on the grid, the player’s turn is complete, and play continues to the left. 

The objective is to collect the most pairs of matching Magical Creature cards. Play continues until all cards are removed from the grid. The player with the most pairs wins.

YOU WISH! ring of creature cards
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